Mt. Charleston

I finally got up to Mt. C!  Such a beautiful area to get away from the craziness of Sin City😀 The Mt. Charleston Lodge is really nice with a small pond and ducks to greet you as you walk in.  There’s also some personal cabins as an option just a few miles up from the Lodge.…


A day at The Linq

The weather yesterday (and even today) was just absolutely amazing.  Got invited out to hang with friends and enjoy this day as we walked around the Linq promenade area.  Took a stroll through the Flamingo as well🙂 Today was also my first day testing out the new  Fuji 90 f2. Enjoy:

Paws on the Patio 23Feb

Last night we went out with some friends to a really great event- Paws on the Patio. A good time to make new friends, human and furry ones!  Paws on the Patio holds events at different venues.  Last month was at Brio in Town Square and last night it was held at No Regrets Bar. …

Kingman Wash

Fri night I finally got myself to get and do some long exposure night photos.  While celebrating a friend’s birthday around a bonfire, I got the tripod out and got a good few shots that I’ll be posting over the next few days.  Here’s the first: you can see the Luxor beam in the middle. …